A new future for “Gods and Lies”!

The audio version of Gods and Lies, the novella series published in serial format by Realm (formerly Serial Box) is now being released as a podcast — STARTING TODAY (APRIL 2ND!) OMG! I love listening to podcasts, and I hope with this new development, more people will be able to try this amazing story that was so much fun to write. If you’re interested, new episodes drop every Tuesday: bit.ly/GodsAndLies


I am delighted to announce that my urban fantasy novella, “Peril in the Pantheon,” has been accepted by Book Smugglers Publishing for publication in 2018!

I am beyond excited. I have been a major fan of Ana and Thea’s reviews on the Book Smugglers blog for many, many years, so when they announced that “Gods and Monsters” was the theme of their 2017 short story initiative, I submitted my piece.

A month later, they replied with a different offer: to develop my short story into a full novella! Looks like I’ll be busy with edits for the next few months, and I couldn’t be happier!

Here’s to 2018!

A lucky week

Well, dear readers, I’ve had a surprisingly productive couple of days. On Tuesday, Heroes and Heartbreakers published my spoof of that infamous “How to Talk to a Woman with Headphones” article. On Friday, they published the sequel to my “romance medicine” advice column: “Dr. Lovinkind’s Guide Part 2: Take Two Secret Babies and Call Me in the Morning.” Two articles in a week! I hope you like it!

New article out!

My newest article, “How to Talk to a Woman Who is Reading a Romance Novel,” is now up at Heroes and Heartbreakers! Check it out here.


Can you believe I forgot I had an author page for TWO YEARS?

…No? Darn.

This page has become a bit of a puzzle for me – what to do with an author page, as the author of only one book? My initial solution – ignore the problem for two years – hasn’t proven as effective as I initially hoped.

But I have been writing for these past two years. Along with another novel – hooray! – I’ve also written articles, games, and other projects. As such, this page will become more of a Writer’s Page than an Author’s Page.

Moving forward, I’ll feature all my publications, not just my wonderful book, and will post updates on my progress, forthcoming articles, and the general day-to-day struggles of putting one word in front of the other without deleting everything in a rage and throwing my laptop out a window.

If you have been following this website from the very beginning – who are you? I feel like I ought to mail you a fruit basket or something. Anyway, I hope to take more responsibility and help this page to become more active and better represent my work.

The Duke of Snow and Apples has been out for a month! **CONTEST TIME!**

Can you believe that my debut novel has been out in the world for a month already? Amazing! To celebrate my one-month anniversary of Authorhood, I will be hosting a Twitter Contest! Starting today and running until noon, mountain standard time on October 5th, 2014, tweet me the funniest, saddest, loveliest, and tiniest fairy tale you can in a single tweet. Use the hashtag #snowandapples. 

The person who writes the overall best TwitterTale will win a free, signed paperback copy of The Duke of Snow and Apples, and three runners-up will each win a $15 gift card to Amazon

This contest is open internationally! No purchase required! I’m not responsible for loss of life or property in the pursuit of this contest, yadda yadda, etc etc. So get tweeting!

“The Duke of Snow and Apples” in the news!

Since the release of The Duke of Snow and Apples, it’s been quite a roller coaster ride of reviews, interviews, and congratulations. If you’re curious about any of the behind-the-scenes magic that went into this novel, I’ve gathered some interesting pieces from the blogosphere:

Interested? Take a look!