Gods make everything complicated. When a young woman is found dead on the altar in the wind god’s temple, Justix Iris Tharro, a human agent of the Goddess of Justice, has to investigate. But she’s not in this alone. Andy, a disgraced demigod trying to win back the favor of his sea goddess mother, is more than happy to help. Iris is entering a dangerous web of Pantheonic politics, black market artifacts, exploited nymphs, and the ghosts of her own past. A handsome half-god with a silver tongue might be just what she needs, in more ways than one. Available here.


Frederick Snow, first footman, is the perfect servant: efficient, hardworking, and completely bereft of emotion. Unbeknownst to his employers, he’s the lost Duke of Snowmont, on the run from a suspicious stepfather and a powerful magic he can only control by burying his passions beneath his frosty demeanor. He’s managed to hide behind his carefully ordered life until an impertinent miss arrives and challenges everything he thought he wanted.

If Charlotte Erlwood wants to land a wealthy, titled husband at her great aunt’s house party, she has to stop losing her temper – especially with inordinately handsome footmen. Perhaps if she recruits Frederick for her matrimonial schemes, she’ll be able to direct her attention toward suitable single noblemen and away from inappropriate dalliances. But Frederick’s frigid control is no match for Charlotte’s irrepressible spirit, and her passionate kiss could summon the darker side of his magic…or wake his heart from its frozen sleep.

Released: August 26, 2014
Publisher: Entangled LLC
ISBN: 9781633750630
Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBooks

Short Fiction

  • “Parasite: A Love Story,” short story, Fait Accomplit, Fall 2007 Issue
  • “My Brother’s Own Words,” novella, Cicada Magazine, March/April 2007 Issues


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