Can you believe I forgot I had an author page for TWO YEARS?

…No? Darn.

This page has become a bit of a puzzle for me – what to do with an author page, as the author of only one book? My initial solution – ignore the problem for two years – hasn’t proven as effective as I initially hoped.

But I have been writing for these past two years. Along with another novel – hooray! – I’ve also written articles, games, and other projects. As such, this page will become more of a Writer’s Page than an Author’s Page.

Moving forward, I’ll feature all my publications, not just my wonderful book, and will post updates on my progress, forthcoming articles, and the general day-to-day struggles of putting one word in front of the other without deleting everything in a rage and throwing my laptop out a window.

If you have been following this website from the very beginning – who are you? I feel like I ought to mail you a fruit basket or something. Anyway, I hope to take more responsibility and help this page to become more active and better represent my work.

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